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How can I book with you?

The best way to get on my books is to turn on notifications on your social media like Instagram to watch for when I open my books. I try to only book 2-3 months out, anything further and it's harder to plan for things that may come up in the meantime. During "books open", I will have a week during which you will be able to send me your submission via email. Make sure to include things like size, placement, pictures of where you'd like it on your body, references, budget, etc. I will choose a certain amount of projects (usually around 30) and contact you to set up a Zoom consultation. 

What can I expect from my Zoom consultation?

You will receive instructions from our manager but do make sure you download and test Zoom BEFORE your consultation - I usually have them scheduled back to back on consultation days and don't have much wiggle room. I will review your notes you sent me in your original email submission and get any other details I need from you. You will then be asked to make a deposit, usually via Venmo, so it would be helpful if you download and install that prior to the consultation too. We will discuss the time I'll need for your tattoo, your budget, any health or other concerns you may have, etc. Prepare a list of things to discuss so we cover everything and maximize our time. 

Do you have a cancellation list?

Not currently. It's hard to keep up with and maintain since most cancellations are last minute. Whenever I have a cancellation, I try to reschedule existing appointments to earlier spots and put up posts in my Instagram stories about the times I now have available. This is another reason to check in often, because they are first come first served. 

I have a tattoo someone else started. Can you finish it?

Generally, I don't finish or rework other people's tattoos, but it depends on the project.

Do you do coverups?

Depends on the project. I can always consult with you and give you my honest opinion.

I have dark skin and haven't seen a lot of examples of what color tattoos would look like on me. Do you tattoo darker skin tones?

Absolutely. I will consult with you and give you options from which you can choose what colors you'd like, if any. I can also perform a color test which consists of color dots or stripes in a location of your choosing from which you can decide if color tattoos are for you. In my Instagram highlights there is a section called "All Skin" where you can view tattoos I've done on darker skin tones.

Are you inclusive?

Definitely! All identities are welcome here. Notify me of how you'd like to be addressed, you always have my full attention and respect. My space is a private room and I will do everything in my power to make you feel at home.

Can you tattoo over scars and stretchmarks?

I can, but I do have to consult with you to see what I'm working with. Generally, most scars I've worked with have been pretty easy to cover, including burns and self-harm scars. 

If I bring you a design someone else drew for me, will you do it?

Most likely no, reason being people may know how to draw but not know how to draw designs for tattoos specifically. Your deposit pays for the drawing, no need to commission anyone else for that. At this this time, I would prefer to tattoo my own designs only. 

Will you do a design for me that I can take to someone else to get tattooed if I can't get tattooed by you?

Get their original work instead, they'd love to do it. 

When do I get to preview the drawing? 

You will see your drawing the day of your appointment. I don't send out drawings in advance and don't have previewing consultations prior to the date of your appointment - I have a very dense schedule and unfortunately just don't have the time to draw very far in advance. The changes can be made the day of your appointment so long as they're minor. If you end up needing major changes, your appointment will be rescheduled to a later date. To avoid the latter, please make sure to communicate your requests and present all the references during your consultation and be as clear as possible so I can draw you exactly what you envision. Don't be afraid to be direct, I am most interested in giving you exactly the tattoo you want and are paying for. Most of the time little tweaks are very easy to do in person when we can communicate face to face instead of a never-ending email thread. 

Tattoos By Anya

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